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Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 18

Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 18

When you give to another or do something for him, why should you trust divine law for recompense rather than demand compensation from him?

18. When we give to another we should trust divine law for our recompense because God is the source of every man's supply (recompense), while other individuals are channels and must not be thought of as the source of our supply.

Divine law is the action of universal principles established by Creative Mind, Spirit, for the government of creation as a whole. This law is unchangeable. "Give, and it shall be given unto you" (Luke 6:38). This law is dependable, it is accurate. It never fails. The channels through which it will work are not and need not be specified by man. We do not need to be worried or concerned about the channels through which our good will come. Let God choose the channels. If we work with the law it works for us. It brings to us the good that is warranted. "Fear not, little flock; for it is your Father's good pleasure to give you the kingdom" (Luke 12:32).

When God Almighty, Spirit, "involved" His life, substance, and intelligence, as spiritual man, He opened the way for the evolution of all the elements contained in the entire God-nature.

In humankind, involution is God breathing His nature, as it were, into action as man. Evolution is man breathing out, or giving back to God, as it were, what was entrusted or involved in him as an inheritance to be used for the benefit of all creation.

Thus, when one gives to another or does something for that one, his recompense lies in what he received (involution) or "breathes in" from the one Creative Mind. What he has expressed of good to another is part of his "breathing out," or the spiritual evolution that takes place in him to sustain life and the continual flow of abundance in his own experience.

Divine action is universal in its scope. If, by our limiting thoughts, words, or acts, we attempt to deal with divine law in terms of personality only, by expecting recompense from the one to whom we have given in service or goods, we place an obstacle in the way of the free-flow of the divine law of supply in our own life. Our business is concerned with the action of fundamental principles, not merely with persons. Our recompense or supply must come through the correct application of those principles. We must allow them to take the right course unhampered.

We make no bargains with persons; we make only the covenant of love and service. We recognize and trust Spirit, the governing power of the universe, to bring our own to us.

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