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Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 17

Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 17

What is the relation of praise to the manifestation of supply?

17. Praise makes possible the manifestation of our supply in a number of ways. Praise is first of all the acknowledgment of good, or God, without which no good thing abides with us long. Praise, being acknowledgment of good, causes the consciousness to expand to encompass more good. The mind (thinking) and heart (feeling) are opened to higher aspirations through faith and our whole being is prepared to receive the good that is being moved into our life by praise. Not only does praise make us receptive, but it enables us to enjoy more of the goodness of God.

What we commend we focus our attention on, and our attending to it with love and gratitude increases its value to us. Holding the attitude of continual praise for God's goodness and love in and around us makes us more conscious of His presence and power. Praise increases in us a sense of the Fatherhood of God, and being a form of prayer, it enables us to talk to God in a personal way. Having recognized the Fatherhood of God, praise causes us to become aware of the brotherhood of man and we have a loving desire to share good with others. (For further reference see How I Used Truth Lesson 8 Annotation 1 and following annotations.)

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