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Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 12

Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 12

What is "God's will" for man?

12. God's "will" is God's purpose, intent, plan, or law for man, His beloved son; and God being Himself Absolute Good, His will is always good, because He could only plan that which is good for His creation.

"For man, God's will or plan is that he shall express and manifest his true spiritual nature, imaged for him at creation" (How I Used Truth Lesson 1 Annotation 9).

Because our spiritual nature (called the Christ, or I AM, or our real Self), is God's own nature in us, we often refer to God's will in man as I AM, for it is His plan that man bring forth this nature. A right understanding of God's will for us does away with any tendency on our part to think that anything unpleasant could be "God's will" to which we have to submit.

As brought out in the above reference from How I Used Truth, God's will does not apply to man alone, but to all species of creation, operating under the law for each species. As we learn to seek guidance in carrying out God's will in every area of our human experience, we begin to cooperate with the rest of creation with very satisfying results. We come to realize that God's will has resulted in definite laws in our world and that only obedience to these God laws can bring about the harmony, peace, and happiness we all seek.

"God's will is always perfection and all good for all His children; perfect health in mind and body; abundance of every good thing including joy, peace, wisdom, and eternal life" (The Revealing Word, God - Will of).

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