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Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 11

Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 11

What is it to "hallow" the name of God?

11. To "hallow" the name of God means to recognize God's nature (name) as wholeness and perfection. To hallow is to consecrate and hold in reverence; to make holy, or whole. The name of God is the nature of God, thus to use the name (nature) of God only in relation to that which is good is to "hallow" the name of God. (See How I Used Truth Lesson 3 Annotation 2 and How I Used Truth Lesson 3 Annotation 3)

God is to each person whatever that person can conceive Him to be -- whatever the person's concept of God is. Regardless of the way one may conceive Him, God is Absolute Good in all its perfection and wholeness. The name of anything is its whole nature; it bespeaks the thing's character, its power, its authority. Therefore, when we speak of or to God we must recognize and reverence Him as Absolute Good – this is "hallowing" the name of God.

We must come to understand that God is Principle, Law, and that He bestows no new favors upon man for hallowing His name. Man simply opens the door of his mind, his heart, and through this opening Absolute Good in its fullness pours into his whole being. By this "hallowing" of God's name or nature, we make contact with the highest good that we are capable of receiving and sublimate or refine our human (moral) nature so that it becomes a fit channel for the expression of our divine nature, our real Self.

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