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Series 2 - Lesson 8 - Annotation 7

Series 2 - Lesson 8 - Annotation 7

What results are obtained by man when he uses faith and love together?

7. When man uses faith and love together, he obtains notable results in prayer, in life, in living. As he realizes the power of divine love active in him, freedom from fear is often immediately apparent, because we are told that "There is no fear in love: but perfect love casteth our fear." — I John 4:18. A consciousness of faith in God or good grows in man; his emotions, his attitudes, his thoughts, his actions change for the better. He abides in peace, knowing inwardly that "Only good can come to me."

Peter and John were the two disciples very close to Jesus Christ. Peter represents faith, and John represents love. It takes both faith and love to accomplish anything worthwhile.

Love is the great attracting power of the universe, and when faith is coupled with love, that which we have faith in is drawn to us. If faith would produce works, it must have love, because the nature of love is to attract, unify, equalize, harmonize, bind, heal, and prosper us.

Faith works through love. The love nature is the feeling nature or emotional nature of your being. When you feel deeply, when your feelings run high, you liberate an enormous amount of energy which in the Absolute is God substance. Combine deep feeling with a cheerful, faith-filled attitude of mind and you will be invincible in producing that which is positive, joyous, and constructive in your human experience.

Love is that great quality, that unifying idea that gives you faith, that inspires you. You have faith in that which you love. Then love your body temple, your business, your mission in life, your work, humanity, every living creature.

Faith in an ideal and love of that ideal keep one unswervingly loyal to that ideal. Faith in and love of a course of action keep one sustained in that action, however prolonged it may be. Faith in and love of a spiritual principle bring forth in tangible form the idea encompassed by that principle, the reality embodied in that principle.

Faith is the intangible but very real divine power that perceives ideas, lays hold of them, puts them into action, and brings them into expression and visible manifestation, on whatever plane the faith is centered. Faith and love working together will accomplish wonders, determining what your future will be, because they glorify and increase your consciousness of substance.

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