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Series 2 - Lesson 7 - Annotation 5

Series 2 - Lesson 7 - Annotation 5

What does the gathering of the disciples in the upper chamber symbolize? Name these disciples, and the spiritual faculty each represents.

5. It symbolizes the gathering of all the mind faculties at the center of spirituality until all are baptized or imbued with the consciousness of spiritual reality. Jesus instructed His disciples to gather in the "upper room" at Jerusalem to await the coming of the Holy Spirit. At the day of Pentecost a radical change came over those in the upper room, so much so that the manifest results were a mystery to the onlookers. So it is with us when the mind faculties are gathered at the center of spirituality: until all are impregnated with spiritual consciousness, the manifest results of harmony and peace are a puzzle to those who are still holding to untrue beliefs. (The disciples are named on pages five and six of the lesson, along with the faculty each disciple represents.)

It is not difficult to understand why the three disciples Peter, John, and Andrew were among the first called by Jesus, because they were so closely related in the process of spiritual unfoldment and development. Whenever we embark on any project, we are moving in faith, and the first faculty we should call forth is faith. We broaden our faith faculty by uniting it, ourself, and all creation in the lifting power of love. Having the two faculties of faith and love, we bring forth strength to carry us to completion of the appointed task. The three faculties represented by Peter, John, and Andrew really form a type of trinity that is the basic foundation for all nine of the other faculties. James, son of Zebedee, representing discrimination or judgment, was the third disciple to be called, but Peter, John, and Andrew are often thought of as the basic three.

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