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Series 2 - Lesson 7 - Annotation 15

Series 2 - Lesson 7 - Annotation 15

What is the universal substance?

15. That which some scientists of the past termed the "universal ether" (called by present-day scientists light, energy) is known to the spiritually-minded as Omnipresence, God substance, Spirit substance, Mind Essence, the "body of God" (the embodiment of divine ideas). [TruthUnity note: see "The Ether Concept" in Metaphysics 2 (Blue version).

Mind essence, or divine substance, is that from which all things are seen and formed. There is no lack of this substance, nor is the supply lessened by use. It is inexhaustible and at the disposal of our every thought and word. Jesus Christ understood perfectly this ethereal realm, and used its substance to form and mold into manifestation that which was desired to fulfill any need.

This universal, invisible, spiritual substance in which we are immersed (and which permeates us) is very sensitive. Every thought that man thinks causes it to pulsate, making its atoms change their positions and come together to form conditions in man's body and environment, according to the character and strength of the thought. Therefore if man takes control of his thoughts, instead of thinking at random, he can use his creative power (his formative power of thought) together with praise and thanksgiving to mold and bring into manifestation from this substance whatever he needs for his use.

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