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Series 2 - Lesson 7 - Annotation 16

Series 2 - Lesson 7 - Annotation 16

Is it God's will for man to suffer?

16. God's will is His "plan of Absolute Good for man and all creation" (How I Used Truth Lesson 1 Annotation 9), thus it cannot be God's will for man to suffer. Any suffering that comes to man is the result of lack of understanding of God's laws, which has caused man to separate himself in consciousness from God.

"Many have believed, and some still believe, that God's will must involve suffering or experiencing unpleasant conditions. This is far from the teaching of Jesus, who brought to mankind the message of a God of love. 'I have loved thee with an everlasting love: therefore with lovingkindness have I drawn thee' (Jer. 31:3 A.V.). If we are not aware that God's will or plan is within us we will live our life without any definite direction or meaningful purpose. If through ignorance we do not seek God's guidance, then results in our life will not be according to God's will" (How I Used Truth Lesson 1 Annotation 9).

Very often, through pain and suffering caused by his ignorance of God's laws, man does turn to God and finds that his loving Father's plan is for good in his life. He begins to see himself as a spiritual being, a son of God, and his heart is lifted in praise to his Creator. Praise then stirs up his inner resources and man begins to build a new life in accord with God's plan.

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