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Series 2 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 2

Series 2 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 2

What will aid us in understanding how the one Mind creates?

2. An understanding of our own mind and how it operates will aid us in understanding how the one Mind, Spirit, creates. What we term our mind is not a mental sphere that is separate from and independent of the one Creative Mind; it is the consciousness each person makes for himself, through using the one Mind essence (ideas) and the God-power, inherent in him. This one Mind essence is omnipresent and links all together as one life, one Mind, one Spirit, causing vitality and consciousness through the universe at the level of each species of creation.

The Christ Mind inherent in each and every one of us is our portion of the God substance that is for our own use. Out of this Christ Mind (Superconscious), which is ours to bring forth, we are to develop a supermental consciousness termed the individual Christ consciousness. We are able to transform our personal mental sphere by prayer, by keeping in contact with God Mind in order to receive revelation, inspiration, and the guidance necessary to keep our life harmonious.

The human consciousness — the consciousness of humanity as a whole, of mankind as a species — may be likened to the strata of the earth. It ranges from the shifting, unstable sensations of the sensual, instinctive, intellectual, intuitional, psychical, emotional formations of personal man's thought, to the stratum of abstract ideals. Philosophers have been prone to regard these ideals as too high for the ordinary man to reach in his daily living.

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