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Series 2 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 3

Series 2 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 3

Explain how mind, idea, and expression are in all that appears (manifestation).

3. All that appears (manifests) in the external world is a symbol, an appearance resembling a causative idea. The cause of the concept of the original divine idea is found in the consciousness from which the concept or the idea comes forth. Nothing could appear externally that was not first an idea, planned and worked out in detail in consciousness. The one Creative Mind (Divine Mind) is the source, the origin, of all perfect ideas which act as first causes or spiritual patterns, ever seeking to come into manifestation through man.

A perfect idea (ideal) born in the consciousness of manifest man is like a seed. This seed grows, is developed, and mentally expressed in its fullness. The last step of the process of its development is the visible manifestation. The original cause of the perfect idea (ideal) was the Christ Mind (Superconscious) in which it was first ideated.

The individual's consciousness (thinking and feeling), his mental sphere, may have in it a variety of groupings, each characterized by what he regards as worthy and clings to. These groupings are states of mind, or states of consciousness. But the one universal consciousness, Divine Mind, contains all the ideas that manifest man has idealized as perfect; as God consciousness, this universal consciousness contains the substance and the spiritual ideals that are the perfect patterns for all that men shall ever know.

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