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Series 2 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 17

Series 2 - Lesson 2 - Annotation 17

Through whom are the divine attributes, or ideas, brought into expression and manifestation?

17. The divine attributes, or ideas, are brought into expression and manifestation by manifest man. Primarily "expression" is the inner working of manifest man's mental sphere to unfold or form a concept of the God ideas contained in his spiritual Self, "that I AM," the image of God. Man possesses the entire God nature in an undeveloped state. The elements (ideas) that make up this nature are to be released as manifest man gains a consciousness of them through prayer and experience. They are not to remain latent but are man's to use for the unfoldment of the Godlikeness in manifestation.

God's work of creating the spiritual patterns (ideas) and providing the substance as the resource for man to use is finished. It is manifest man's part to get in touch with the indwelling Lord, his Christ self. Through prayer he gains knowledge of the essential nature of each quality or idea and learns how to co-ordinate all in an orderly way. Thus he may satisfactorily manifest these ideas to take care of the problems that confront him in daily living. Manifest man is the channel through which God-Mind flows. Man may receive all that God-Mind is and give forth as fully as he receives. This constitutes obedience to the law of giving and receiving.

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