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Series 2 - Lesson 12 - Annotation 2

Series 2 - Lesson 12 - Annotation 2

What is the difference between universal love and personal love?

2. Universal love is the WHOLE of God's love, or divine love, while personal love is the expression that man gives to love according to his understanding and aim. "Personal love is part of the law, but divine love fulfills the law." — Charles Fillmore Talks on Truth, chapter 13, paragraph 18. [TruthUnity note: I do not see this quote in the current version of Talks on Truth].

The difference between universal love and personal love may be likened to the difference between Divine Mind and the human consciousness — the lesser is contained within the greater — one is an emanation of the other, but the limited (personal) must be lifted up to the unlimited (universal).

Universal love is love unobstructed by personal concepts. In the cosmos it evidences itself as terrestrial gravitation, as the systematic movement of planets in the solar system, as the orderly progress of the seasons, as the response of growing things to sun and rain and warmth. Universal love is the power of affinity and attraction operative at all levels.

An individual's concept, understanding, and expression of universal love make it personal love to him. In interpersonal relations love is evidenced as devotion, interest, unselfishness, friendship, co-operation, good will, tenderness, affection, consideration, forgiveness, service.

It is correct to say that the difference between universal love and personal love is in degree of expression only. Unless man exercises wisdom and good judgment, he may express personal love in foolish, selfish, unwise, binding ways. However man's vision and comprehension of love are expandable without limit. When man comprehends that God is love and that he may contact love within himself, he will come into the consciousness of universal love and give it expression.

Universal love strengthens love in all departments of man's being, and much good is attracted to him because of his expression of the God-nature inherent in his being.

In both its universal and personal expressions, love is the substantial and enduring part of man and the universe.

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