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Talks on Truth by Charles Fillmore

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Charles Fillmore Talks on Truth Cover

Talks on Truth (1926, revised and enlarged in 1934). This text deals with a variety of issues and themes. Its Forword describes the current form of the book as one designed to meet the "demand on the part of Unity students for books dealing with Truth fundamentals" (TT, Forword). It is further described as "a more adequate textbook for those who are seeking an understanding of esoteric Christianity" (TT, Forword).

It is an interesting book in that it deals with many topics that are not presented in as much detail in other Unity texts from the Classical period — for example: microorganisms (Lesson 2), the church (Lesson 9), eschatology and apocalypticism (Lesson 11), and the Holy Spirit (Lesson 12). Lesson 13, "Attaining Eternal Life," offers an excellent study of regeneration, and Lesson 14, "Jesus Christ's Atonement," presents Unity's teaching on this primary Christian topic.

   —Unity's Foundational Teachings, Course Two — Unity Progressive Council

Differences between 1926 and 1934 Editions
1926 Edition Chapter Name Original Source Pub. date 1934 Edition
1 Ye Must Be Bom Again Unity Magazine Oct. 1894 Ch-7
2 The Church of Christ Thought Jan. 1895 Ch-9
3 The Ministry of The Word Unity Magazine Mar. 1895 Ch-6
4 The I Am in Its Kingdom Unity Magazine Oct. 1895 Ch-3
5 Microorganisms Unity Magazine Dec. 1895 Ch-2
6 The Development of Divine Love Unity Magazine Nov. 1896 Ch-5
7 Jesus Christ's Atonement Unity Magazine 1897 Ch-14
8 How Shall the Dead Be Raised Unknown 1909 or earlier Ch-4
9 The Restoration of God's Kingdom Unity Magazine Aug.1911 Ch-11
10 The Holy Spirit Unity Magazine Aug. 1917 Ch-12
11 Obedience Unknown 1920 or earlier Ch-8
12 Attaining Eternal Life Pamphlet 1921 Ch-13
13 Reform Your God Thoughts Unity Magazine Jan.1924 Ch-1
14 The Lord's Body Unknown 1926 or earlier Ch-10

Items deleted from the 1926 edition:

  • How Mental Healing Is Done
  • Unreality of Matter
Additions to the 1934 work included:
  • Reform Your God Thought
  • Attaining Eternal life
  • Jesus Christ's Atonement

This information is from a handout by Rev. Jim Gaither.

Charles Fillmore Talks on Truth Cover
Early 1909 Edition

An early edition of Talks on Truth was published by the Unity Tract Society in 1909. This edition had only four chapters:

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1917 Edition of Talks on Truth

An edition that combined Christian Healing and Talks on Truth was published by Unity School of Christianity in 1917. That edition had eleven chapters:

  • How Microbes Are Made
  • The I AM In Its Kingdom
  • How Shall the Dead Be Raised?
  • The Development of Divine Live
  • The Ministry of the Word
  • Ye Must Be Born Again
  • Obedience
  • The Church of Christ
  • The Lord's Body
  • The Restoration of God's Kingdom
  • How Mental Healing Is Done