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Series 2 - Lesson 12 - Annotation 3

Series 2 - Lesson 12 - Annotation 3

What hinders the full realization of God's love?

3. The chief obstacle which has hindered the realization and expression of divine love is that man has looked around and has seen a world burdened with suffering and sorrow and has been taught to believe that all this woe and misery has been sent by God. On the other hand he has been told that God is love. Apparent facts on the one side disprove the statement on the other side; common sense and a belief in the nature of goodness cannot reconcile the two statements. Very slowly we are beginning to accept the fact that we ourselves, not God, are responsible for our sufferings. As we sow, so shall we reap. With this new understanding God's true character is at last vindicated.

Another obstacle is that the love current in man in many instances has remained dormant so long that its power to respond has become sluggish. The third obstacle lies in the fact that Biblical statements of love have been heard so frequently that they cause no feeling, awaken no response. They are spoken as mere platitudes. They will make no impression until they are made luminous by the quickening of Spirit. No person has yet fully comprehended the love of God, but the capacity to feel that love exists is in everyone. It can be developed by believing in it and trusting it. When men comprehend that love can be contacted within, they will become conscious of and express universal love.

The slowness of man to recognize the oneness (unity) of God and himself hinders his realization of God as love. Man has been taught to fear God, to fear His punishments, to fear to claim his kinship because it was "sacrilegious." He has not been taught the love of God which is a part of himself, or his oneness with God through the Christ within himself, through which there is access at all times to the loving Father.

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