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Series 1 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 20

Series 1 - Lesson 6 - Annotation 20

Where is the river of life? How do we become conscious of it?

20. The river of life is the activity of the I AM, the creative power of God in every man. It is a "stream" of pure energy that is felt within man when he comes into the consciousness of his spiritual body, the Body of Christ.

The words "stream," "river," "current," "pouring," and the like, used in the Bible, are all words that can be used to describe consciousness. The river of life starts its flow from the life idea in Divine Mind (God) and can manifest itself in the organism only while the thoughts of man are centered on the life of God as his divine heritage. The dynamic urge to "reproduce" is its law. Like all the cosmic powers, it is subservient to divine wisdom and for a perfect manifestation this life idea must be divinely guided through the life center. It is a flood of pure, clean, sweet, warm, "living fire" poured out in lavish abundance for the use of man. This God-life is a holy impulse, furnishing the energy by which all things live and move and have being. It is the active or positive energy of which divine substance is the passive counterpart. Both life and substance are manifestations of God's love for His creation.

To become conscious of this "stream" or river of life we must first thoroughly purge our mind of all lust and sensuality. We must affirm our Christ identity. When we are able to "be still, and know that I am God" (Psalms 46:10) we may call on God's regenerative life and substance to manifest itself in our body. We can only become conscious of it when quickened by the Holy Spirit, the action of God in us. With the quickening will come the guidance of how to use this life in the right way so that we may experience the "abundant life" of which our beloved Jesus Christ spoke.

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