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Metaphysical meaning of fire (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of fire (rw)
fire--Symbolizes cleansing and purification, but it is more than a symbol. Material fire is the symbol, and the fire of Spirit is the reality. The whole universe is alive with a divine, living, spiritual energy that consumes all the dross of sense and materiality. It is a fire that burns eternally. Because this is true, some have assumed that disobedient, sinful persons are to live forever in everlasting torment. But if the fire is eternal, the dross is not, and when the error is consumed the burning stops. The fire consumes only when it meets anything unlike itself. In purified man it is manifested as his eternal life.

fire of God--The Word of God in action. It burns out the dross of negative consciousness and reveals the Christ.

fire, tongues of--Illumination of thought, in demonstration of Spirit's presence and power.

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