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Series 1 - Lesson 5 - Annotation 5

Series 1 - Lesson 5 - Annotation 5

What is the carnal mind? What other names are given to it?

5. The word carnal means "fleshly". The carnal mind then is the error consciousness, the state of mind that sees life from the standpoint of effect rather than cause. It regards the physical body -- the flesh -- as the seat of power, and it unthinkingly gratifies the bodily desires, Man comes to regard himself as a child of the flesh; sees his ancestral lineage as flesh; sees himself as a limited, human being, helpless to control circumstances; sees God as something different and wholly apart from himself; sees the visible world as the real power and the spiritual world as a deep mystery; sees death as the end of all living things.

These wrong beliefs and concepts weaken man's consciousness of dominion, because he is centering his thought and attention in external things, instead of in spiritual realities. But his real power comes from knowing and proving his birthright as a Son of God.

Other names for carnal mind are: "mind of the flesh," "old man," "mortal mind," "error consciousness," "Adam consciousness," "Devil," "Satan," "the Adversary," "the serpent," and the like.

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