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Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 3

Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 3

What is the basis of real unity, and why?

3. Unity is oneness, universality, completeness. It is union of God consciousness, universal Christ consciousness, and individual Christ consciousness brought into one complete, all-embracing oneness. This means oneness with God, with mankind, and with the universe, Unity of ideal, idea, and unity of purpose that acknowledges no division and gives no thought to separation. The church of Christ acts in a consciousness of oneness with all recognized and unrecognized factors of the universe. Unity, oneness, comes from knowing there is only one Mind, God Mind, Spirit, and only one man, Christ Jesus. In Spirit, God Mind, there is only one governing power, the Jesus Christ principle, which is the union of wisdom and love.

To attain full unity (acceptance of God as the Allness of all things), you train your mind to look upon every human being as an expression in some degree of the wisdom and love of Spirit, God Mind. In the ideal every human being is the beloved of Spirit, God Mind, no matter how unlike the ideal his present appearance may be. As an expression of Spirit, God Mind, you have the wisdom in your mind and the love in your heart that enables you to discern the divine ideal in all human beings. In thought, word, and act you are to welcome joyously that ideal and give thanks for its unfoldment, no matter how small that unfoldment may seem.

Man-made unions usually have some selfish interest to promote and are held together by rules and regulations formulated by men. These rules and regulations often prove to be fetters to members who are not in accord with them. The real unity comes from abiding in God consciousness.

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