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Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 17

Series 1 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 17

How do we reach the consciousness where we discern the Lord's body?

17. Discernment of the Lord's body (the glorious body of light) is the fundamental step toward attaining consciousness of eternal life here and now in the body. To arrive at discernment of the Lord's body, we pass through three stages of developments.

First, we discern the one omnipotent Spirit working as consciousness in and through all living forms. We know that Spirit always works for good, for God consciousness, for perfection in form and in nature.

Secondly, we discern that we have our place in the Lord's body; that it works in and through us. We are intelligence substance and life, having part in the expression and manifestation of the one life. As this concept of oneness and perfection grows, it begins to show forth in our physical organism. We lose the thought of our body as being flesh, blood, and bones; we behold it as the habitation of Spirit. Spirit builds in accordance with the thought we hold in mind; by the process previously outlined, the body takes on life and light. We must form a structure harmonious and orderly for the use of this finer substance and life, which is infinitely more subtle and vital than we have heretofore recognized. This essence is given form by thought; by spiritual thoughts it is built into an eternal dwelling place for the Holy Spirit. The overcoming of death is not a casting off of the present body but a purification of each cell contained in it so that the whole becomes finer and finer. It passes from human consciousness into the Christ consciousness.

Thirdly, as we see ourselves with this higher vision, so also by it do we see others. We awaken to the real meaning of brotherhood. We see how we are all bound together in an unbreakable bond, one life flowing through us, one intelligence guiding us, and the whole of redeemed humanity woven together in the one substance of love.

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