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Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 5

Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 5

What is meant by "enter into thine inner chamber, and . . . shut thy door"(Matt. 6:6)?

5. It is important that we realize that the instruction given by Jesus to "enter into thine inner chamber" and to "shut thy door" is not something mysterious but a simple turning within to our loving Father. The instruction telling us to "enter" also advises us to "shut thy door," meaning that we are to close the mind to anything of the outer that would intrude upon this meeting with our Father.

"What we need to know above all is that there is a place within our soul where we can consciously meet God and receive a flood of new life into not only our mind but also our body . . . . Quietly entering the inner chamber within the soul shutting the door to the external thoughts of daily life, and seeking conscious union with God is the highest form of prayer we know" (Teach Us To Pray 5 and Teach Us To Pray 17).

Once we have entered the "inner chamber" which is God's Presence in us, it becomes a simple matter to close the mind to all that would call our attention away from the light, life, and love of God that permeates and enfolds us; yet it often requires discipline to control our thinking and feeling. The five senses need to be controlled so that the physical eyes are closed to all outer objects or situations; the physical ears no longer listen to the noises of the objective world. This also means that the mind must be controlled so that past thought forms or psychic phenomena must not be allowed to interfere with this sacred meeting with our Father.

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