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Metaphysical meaning of psychic (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of psychic (rw)
psychic--Pertaining to mental powers not common to ordinary man; mental powers outreaching the scope of the physical man, but not yet quickened to the standard of Spirit.

Man has a body in the ether that is the counterpart of the physical. It is through this psychic body that he has sensations in the physical. It is possible to think of the psychic body and cultivate its sensations until it appears as real as the physical. Many persons have done this until they have formed a psychic world consciousness and are often unable to separate it from the physical. To them the realm of thought forms is the finality of creation instead of the mental pictures of that which is about to appear.

The first step of a Truth student in handling the psychic forces of consciousness is the same as that in handling any other, and that is to realize that God is the one and only power; to declare with Byron: "There is no god but God!--to prayer--lo! God is great!" Next make conscious contact with this all-powerful God-Mind and realize that every phase of the mind, every thought is brought into the captivity of the Christ, and that through your I AM power and dominion you are master over every situation.

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