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Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 6

Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 6

What is the meaning of the expression "going into the silence"?

6. "Going into the silence" means just what the previous annotations brought out — turning within to the indwelling Presence of God, our "inner chamber," closing the mind to all outside distractions, and waiting in stillness for God's revelations to us.

Charles Fillmore gives very definite statements about "going into the silence" in Teach Us to Pray, pages 24-25:

"The first step in scientific silence is simply to still . . . outer intellectual thoughts so that the consciousness may become subservient to the Spirit within. . . . God works in the stillness. As man comes into the presence of God with his prayer in the form of an affirmation of Truth . . . he is aware only of the soundlessness of God's word as it weaves itself in and out through the whole soul and body consciousness." (Teach Us To Pray 24,25)

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