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Sermons of Charles Fillmore

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Sermons of Charles Fillmoe

The Power of Truth


MARK 5:22-27, 32-36, 41, 42

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This lesson from Charles Fillmore was featured on Bob Brach's Unity Classic Radio broadcast on February 3, 2015. Bob writes, "Mr. Fillmore talks about metaphysical treatments in this talk and that sometimes the metaphysical healer must deal with 'the parents and the patient' (p.8) and that 'we don't heal everyone because everyone doesn't want to be healed.' (p.12) And... there is much more. Margie and I are doing this show together, we hope you will tune in or listen later to the archived show."

I called your attention again to the lesson which, as you have observed as we read the responsive service, is the healing of the daughter of one of the leaders of the synagogue -- Jarius -- and also the woman who had the hemorrhage.

These so-called miracles of Jesus are under law. Superstitious people believe in miracles. Rationalists, in their minds, see the cause and the effect and find the law. What is the law back of what ignorant people have thought or miracles?

Christian metaphysicians studying healings—they have taken place all down the ages in this mysterious way—find, as they get beneath the surface of things, that every one of them can be explained on the basis of the action of mind. It is the mind that moves the body, moves the emotions, and when you understand this basic principle you can solve all these problems and demonstrate some of the so-called miracles. You demonstrate just according to your understanding and the power that you have over your thoughts and the thoughts universal. This means that we have, in order to do good work, cooperate with the great Source of life, intelligence. First and last and always, we must "begin our work with the understanding that the source of all existence is Mind, and that the thoughts of that mind are working today and that those thoughts are everywhere as primal ideas, and that all the thoughts of men and all the feelings are the results of the incorporation into-your consciousness of those ideas; and when one understands this and begins to handle ideas instead of things, you are getting at the source of existence, and just to the extent that you develop that thing, that faith and trust, and put away your fears and your doubts, do you demonstrate.

The explanation of these two healings today by Jesus is based upon some laws of mind. Every one of these parables or demonstrations in the Scriptures has law back of it, and if you get into the spiritual side you will see that — we might say — they go in pairs. Jesus sent His disciples out two and two, and everything seems to be working in this unity — this original unity - "male and female created he them." That is, the positive and the negative forces seem to he necessary to bring results, and Jesus, in this lesson today, had before him two healings -- the healing of the woman, and the other was the healing, or the raising up of the little daughter of Jairus. Now, we have found that Jairus really means "life current" and that you could explain these parables by watching your own thought, or you might see it demonstrated in outer experience. Metaphysicians find that the fear of death produces that inactive state of the mind [illegible] or the soul, and frequently people go through what seems to be inanimation; yet they are really not dead. Fainting is evidence of the fear of something in the mind. It is a shock, but back of that is the fear of losing the body, or death. So, metaphysicians, in all cases of that kind, take up a denial of fear and assure the patient, silently and inaudibly, that there is no such thing in reality as that universal race thought that affects people, of dying.

How, Jesus, with this ruler of the synagoguge, who said: "My daughter is sick unto death," said: "Fear not I" Don't he afraid, now. That was the assurance, and the parent, of course, holds the child in his thought. We find in our experience as Christian healers that we have to deal with the parents as well as with the patient. You notice, in this case, when Jesus went to the house he put out the mourners and the wallers and all that. He put that thought out of the house and got rid of those thoughts. He just kept His disciples, His faith and His love and His judgment and the two parents, and He had them in His consciousness. He demonstrated that that little girl was not really dead. He said: "She is merely fainting. She is in a deep comatose state as the result of some great fear somewhere. That is it; you fear." And when she was lifted up she got rid of her inertia — that fear — it lost its grip upon her body and He said: "She walks. Give her something to eat," and she was all right again.

Now, many cases, undoubtedly, of so-called death are simply the result of the effect of fear, the race fear, the parents' fear, the patient's fear; and every good healer takes that up as a foundation thought to be erased.

Now, Christian metaphysicians have to study these situations, have to study these Scriptures, especially the demonstrations of Jesus Christ, because, as I say, you find that He healed every disease. Back of every disease is a thought of some kind. There are different kinds of thoughts and different kinds of diseases. Some thoughts are built into the consciousness of the thinker like a wall that has been built with cement, and it is pretty hard to break down a wall of that kind. Some of the walls that we build nowadays are reinforced with steel, and some of our thinkers have reinforced their thought with such hard states of mind that you can't break them down. People wonder why we don't heal everybody. We don't heal everybody because everybody doesn't want to be healed. Jesus couldn't heal certain people in His own family, in His ovm home town because of their unbelief, their lack of faith. Jesus said to this man, "If you only believe." He laid great stress upon believing. Just have faith and things will come to pass. But faith is only one,, you might say the open door, to a great field of mental causes and spiritual resources.

Now, this woman that had the issue of blood. You would say, "Why, that was an easy thing for Jesus to heal; He didn't have to pay any attention." He did, though. He felt something go from Him. We are told in another chapter that He felt a certain virtue leave Him.when that woman just touched the hem of His garment. V/hat Is the explanation of that? The explanation is that we are all charged with a certain vitalizing force which, vdien you take off your clothes at night, if you are in good health, you will see little sparks and the clothing will crackle. What does that mean? It is charged with vital force. Certainly it is. Our children often scrape their feet along the floor and then come up and touch us. It gives you a little sting when they touch you. Wat does that mean? It means that the body is a little dynamo. We frequently see the children light the gas when we used to have gas, and when I would just put my finger up it would generate the current sufficiently. That proves that we are a generating current all the time and that our clothing is charged with it and that we have a physical aura that surrounds us and that is charged with this life force; charged just to the extent that we vitalize. Most people think that it is the result of a good digestion. That has something to do with it because our food, we are told, contains these vitamins. In other words, in every cell that you have to do with there is this electronic center, and it is active or inactive according to a law that our scientists don't understand yet; but the metaphysician understands that law.

Now, Jesus Christ was a great metaphysician, and He had so in mind that one universal Life that, as I say, He had a very powerful aura. His soul consciousness was vibrating at a high rate. His clothing and everything He had to do with was charged with that force. He only had to put His hand out like that, and things came to pass. People felt the power. And this woman had the faith. Now, faith opens the door of the mind to an inflow of this universal life force; and when she just, in faith, touched the hem of His garment the negative condition of her system was stopped. That flow of blood.

Don't you know that there have been, I might say all down the ages, people have been classed with the witches, people who could stop hemorrhages by speaking certain words? Just say a word and the flow of blood that could not be handled by the ordinary medical doctors was stopped. That shows that the mind controls the life. The blood represents the life, and when you get into a certain state of mind where you feel that you can control life, you stop the breaks in that current, that life flow. We just, in faith, lay hold of this Christ current.

What is the Christ current? Jesus Christ raised His consciousness until He made the union or contacted the universal Life; that life in which there are no breaks. And our metaphysicians are striving to get deeper and deeper into this life consciousness, and when you strike that everything falls in line with health and harmony and uplift. You will find that you have within you a life flow, a life energy, a power, that will overcome all inertia; but it is only in either great -- I might say crises -- that you can do that, or under the steady flow of the right thought. Now, Jesus could handle this situation every time, and our modern metaphysicians are getting closer and closer to this law, and they do it through unifying the mind. You see examples very frequently of, I might say, sporadic expression.

Not long ago I read in a magazine of an instance that occurred at Santa Barbara during the earthquake. It seems a man was in the hospital awaiting an operation, and the surgeon was delayed a little bit, and just at that time the earthquake came and the walls of the hospital began to fall in; and this man who was, of course very sick, jumped up and ron down the hall to pass out, and as he went by the room he saw another invalid there, and this invalid didn't have as much faith or capacity, and he ran in and grabbed that man and carried him out; and he said that healed him of his appendicitis. He never had any more trouble. Now, why didn't he do that before he went to the hospital? He didn't get hold of that inner, spiritual man. In this case he just rose in his might.

I read of another case where a woman who had been an invalid all her life spent most of her time in bed. said: "Your little Johnnie has been covered with sand. He is smothering right now." She jumped out of bed, ran to the sand pile and with her bare hands dug that kid out. That is a fact.

Where do you get all this? Through faith in the great urge of the inner man. That is it. Now, this woman who touched the hem of Jesus' garment. We are told that that same law of faith that opens the door is being enacted at our shrines. We are told that thousands of people are healed in Europe by just touching the fragments -- so-called fragments -- of the cross, and others are healed at Treves, I think it is, where they have what is called the Holy Coat. Just looking upon that Holy Coat heals them; and at where the Virgin appeared, they have to burn, often, the crutches and the canes that invalids have left there going into that grotto. What does it? Faith.

But you might say that something had occurred there that produced a great flow of spiritual thought and the ether there is really charged. Is not the ether in this room charged with a certain spiritual energy? Certainly, it is. People feel it when they come into the room, come into the building. So all these people at ___, when they have faith, center their faith right in the universal ether, and like Jesusl garments the faith is fixed. It is a big dynamo; and we can produce that condition anywhere if we will all get of one mind and have this faith in the power of the Spirit to restore the sick and raise up. It is just a matter of that unity -- that is what Jesus Christ tried to teach all His people: "If ye will only believe." If you will hold my thoughts, you will never see death. If you will only come into this same consciousness that I have of the indwelling Father, you will have all power.

Now, these are truths, and it ls a':question of our demonstrating these truths. We must believe in the spiritual side of everything. Suppose that these cases that we have today were presented, say, to the medical fraternity. What would become of them? In the same connection, we had the healing of the demoniac, where the devils were driven into the hogs. Here were three cases of healing: the healing of the demoniac and the healing of the woman with the issue of blood and the healing or raising up of Jairus' daughter. I say, supposing these cases, now, were presented to the ordinary medical school. Do you know what would happen? The demoniac would be put in the mad house; that is the first place they would put him; and in the next place, they would place this woman with the issue of blood among the incurables, and they would bury the little girl. But when Jesus is present, what is done? They are every one reborn. They are all brought out of those conditions. That is what we are striving for. We are trying to bring Jesus these abnormal conditions will fade away and people will come out that four Christ is brought into the world you will know that every one of of this delusion of All inharmony is the result of this deluded state of mind.

I heard of a case where a little girl was rescued from a pond, and when she came to she said that there were four little ducks in her stomach, and they couldn't get that idea out of her mind. Her parents took her everywhere and she still persisted that those four little ducks were floating in her stomach. Finally, they heard of a psychol- ogist who had very great success in erasing ideas from people's minds, and he told her that it was all right, that those ducks were there, "But," he said, "I know how to get rid of them." So he gave her some- thing to put her to sleep, and he got four little.ducks and put them in a basin, and when she came out he said: "There ! we have taken the ducks out of your stomach. There they are!" And she believed it and she never had any more trouble with the ducks until she was a grown woman and had children; and this psychologist happened to be at a party where she was and he thought he would just call her attention to the joke they had played on her, and he did, and the ducks came back and she never did get rid of them. That is a fact. That showed the power of the mind. That was a delusion of the mind. And all these conditions, I tell you, are delusions, that is what they are— just wrong states of mind.

How are you going to train the mind? You can't do it in your own mind. That psychologist simply cast that idea temporarily from one plane of consciousness to another, but he didn't get it out. True Christian healing is a dissolution of these errors. Not changing one thought to another; that is not true healing. Some people do that; but real healing is to know that, in Christ, in man -- this image and likeness of God which is within every one of us — there is no reality in anything but the truth; no reality in anything but the Christ of God; that this Christ of God is within every one of us and it simply needs our attention to make itself manifest in all of its fulness.

Let us remember this: that all is Kind; that all the activities that we see. in our minds and our bodies are but the activities of thought: that these thoughts are under the dominion, under the control of the Master within, and that Master within is your higher self, Christ; and while you are unified with the Lord Jesus Christ you come into conscious touch with tremendous power — a power that is charged and surcharged with life; that life in'all of its harmony, in all of its perfection. That is the true solution of Christianity, and every Christian ought to have the manifestation in his life of all these attributes of man which Jesus Christ so plainly pointed out and demonstrated for us.