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Metaphysical meaning of body (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of body (mbd)

Meta. The word body is used in the English Bible to translate many Hebrew words, from carcass to soul. The body is the material manifestation of the life principle. It can seem to be merely a carcass or it can be an incorruptible habitation of the Spirit, depending on the spiritual unfoldment of the individual whose body it is.

Man is a threefold being: spirit, soul, and body. Body is the projection of the soul on the material plane, and it expresses the ideas and state of consciousness of the soul embodied in it.

Body is just as essential a part of man as soul or spirit. Creation is not complete until it becomes manifest in the outer, and man must have a body through which to express his ideas. Jesus' resurrection was bodily as well as spiritual.

In order to be complete and perfect man must incorporate the divine ideas of perfection into his body and redeem it just as Jesus did.

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