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Metaphysical meaning of miracles (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of miracles (mbd)

Meta. The miracles or "signs" (John 7:31) that go so far in convincing one's unbelieving thoughts are the transformations that go on in the midst of one's unbelieving thoughts and are the result of one's true words. A woman once told her crossed eyes that they were not eyes of flesh but eyes of Spirit, and that they were of one mind, perfect and harmonious in every way. She was filled with joy to find that they, after a time, came into right relation--she was healed of that defect in thought. But more than this, she found that she perceived Truth much more clearly than she ever had before. Not only the eye as an organ of sight but that which stands back of the eye, spiritual perception, became clarified. The thoughts of sight became educated through the word of Truth sent forth by the I AM.

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