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Metaphysical meaning of dying (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of dying (mbd)
dying, death, second death (Rev. 2:11).

Meta. Dying is the name that we give to that state of negation in man's consciousness wherein he no longer can retain possession of his body. Death is always the result of a failure to recognize God as the source of wisdom and life. When the soul falls short in this respect, it sins and there is a physical dissolution that is but the outer symbol of mental negation or spiritual inertia.

This death or dissolution of the body is the "second death," over the meaning of which church people have so long contended. The first death is where the consciousness has lost sight of spiritual wisdom and sunk into the belief that God is absent from man and the universe. This belief is the being "dead through your trespasses and sins."

There can be no other explanation of the first and second death. Metaphysically we know that the body is the outer form of the thoughts, and it therefore could not die or disintegrate unless a similar process had first taken place on the mental plane.

If you allow yourself to go to sleep spiritually--that is, if you live in the senses and fail to recognize your spiritual selfhood and your relation to Being--you are already virtually dying or dead. The fact that you seem to live and to exercise a limited consciousness on the animal plane is no evidence that you are alive, because the senses fail you ere long; they will dissolve, and you will then experience the second death.________________________
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