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Metaphysical meaning of virgin (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of virgin (rw)
virgins--The ten virgins represent the senses. The senses are five in number but have a twofold action--five in the inner realm and five in the outer world.

Ed Rabel

Everything that exists has its counterpart on all discernable levels of being. As Mr. Fillmore points out, this is also true of our senses. Each of our five outer senses has a corresponding dimension in our inner world and it is through these "inner senses" (intuition) that inspiration and insight can come into consciousness. Ed Rabel, Metaphysics 1, Consciousness, Sensation"

- Ed Rabel

The way to supply oil for the lamps of the virgins, even of the foolish ones is to affirm that the life source, Spirit, from which comes the power of hearing, smelling, seeing, feeling, and tasting, is not material but spiritual. Each sense has an inner counterpart, which is connected with the one life, from which it draws its oil, or life current. There is a soul eye and a soul ear, and these on their inner side are in direct contact with Spirit. But their outer side is in touch with the intellect and through the intellect with the formed organ of sense in the body. It is on this intellectual plane that mortal mind has its citadel and causes so much trouble with the outer organs.

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