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Metaphysical meaning of disciples (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of disciples (mbd)

Meta. The disciples of Jesus represent, in mind analysis, the faculties. After one has been illumined by Truth, one desires to express it, to go forth in its ministry. This does not necessarily imply that all secular employment should be abandoned, but it does imply that the mind should make the dissemination of Truth the most important object of life. The various faculties of the mind have been occupied almost wholly in secular ways; now they are to be turned to spiritual ways.

Some of the disciples of Jesus are represented as being fishermen; this implies a striving to catch living ideas (fish) in the thoughts of this material world (waters). In the lesson in Mark 3:7-1, the I AM, Jesus, sees the futility of this struggle with temporal things and sets its energies at work upon things eternal. The scattered faculties are drawn together and are brought to a recognition of the Master--I AM. This is the inner interpretation of Jesus' calling His disciples.

Material things are temporary; spiritual things are eternal. When the mind of man is focused on materiality, and on its objects and aims, the faculties are not developed along permanent lines. Truth reveals to us that every faculty must be used to spiritual ends in order that the law of Being may be fulfilled.

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