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Metaphysical meaning of Word (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Word (mbd)
Word, of God.

Meta. John gives us the following concerning the Word of God: "In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God." The Word of God is the divine Logos, God in His capacity as creative power, and includes all the potentialities of Being. It is the idea of God, the image and likeness of God, spiritual man. In it are all the possibilities, all the qualities, of God.

Being, the original fount, is an impersonal principle; but in its work of creation it puts forth an idea that contains all ideas: the Logos, Word, Christ, the Son of God, or spiritual man. This spiritual man or Christ, the Word of God, is the true inner self of every individual. Man therefore contains within himself the capacities of Being, and through his words uses the creative principle of Divine Mind to create.

The Greek logos, which has been translated Word, literally means reasonable speech, or, as we may say, the reasonable thought or word. That is, all things that God, or Mind, made in the beginning were perfect results of the power of Mind at work through thought, along lines of accurate reason based on the perfect, ideal conceptions inherent in infinite Mind.

The orthodox Christian says that the 1st chapter of John refers directly to Christ, which from our standpoint of universal Mind is admissible, for Christ and the Son of God, or the Thought or Word of Mind, are interchangeable.

The man Jesus became so transparent by purification that the universal Christ or God thought expressed itself through Him more clearly than through any other man of whom we have record; yet this Son of God, or perfect thought of infinite Mind, is shining in degree through every man, woman, and child in the universe. All life, all love, all Truth, are the expressions of the one great Cause. It is the ever present principle of good that shows forth in man in proportion to the purity of his thoughts.

The only expression of Divine Mind is the Logos, or Word, the one universal Man–God. This is the Christ or anointed one. It is Mind manifest, and he who lets the "mind . . . which was also in Christ Jesus" be in him becomes the Son of God. As thought is the only mode of manifestation of Mind, it follows that the only way to accomplish such manifestation is to think the thoughts that we know correspond in purity and truth to the thought of God. Thoughts are things, which can be controlled and regulated. The thoughts of men ultimate in their bodies and environments. When men know this they will proceed to cultivate their thoughts more carefully than they do their fields. By casting out by denial all undesirable thoughts and planting by affirmation all good thoughts, man will soon find himself surrounded by a universe of beauty and harmony only. All sin, sickness, poverty, and death will disappear. He will have a new body as light as air and as indestructible as electricity. This training of the mind results in habitual thinking of pure thoughts until finally the thinker slips like a crystal dewdrop into the flowing sea of pure thinking, the Logos or Word of God.

Absent healing is done through the power of the spoken word of God. The Word of God is His creative power. It includes all the potentialities of Being: life, love, wisdom, substance, power, strength, and all God's other attributes.

All who have faith in its power to accomplish that whereto it is sent may speak the word with effect.

All who open their minds to the Word by faith may receive it into consciousness. Every word of man has back of it an idea, and the power of the word is primarily in that idea. Added power is given by the speaker according to his realization of oneness with the idea and the force of his thought.

The two fundamental attitudes of mind are the positive and the negative, or affirmation and denial. "Let your speech be, Yea, yea; Nay, nay."

The character of the idea that a word conveys determines whether it is constructive or destructive.

Man makes his world by his word, either silently or audibly expressed.

The ideas that make words constructive are life, love, wisdom, substance, power, strength, and all other ideas that express divine attributes. Words carrying the life idea produce a vitalizing and lifegiving effect. Words that express divine love are harmonizing and unifying in their effect.

Words are made active in the body through their being received by the mind and carried into the body through the subconsciousness by one's thought. Constructive words that renew the body are made a part of the body consciousness by prayer and meditation.

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