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Metaphysical meaning of Father (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of Father (mbd)

Meta. A father is one who has begotten a child; one who gives origin to; a generator. God as Father is the great cause, the cause of all life, all being. There is only one source from which all living ideas and all living objects proceed. We call this source the Father. God is Father of all that is. He is the cause.

As cause God is the seed idea of life present in every unmanifest or manifest creation. As source He continually sustains and supplies each expression of Himself with all that is necessary for its development.

God as Father is the cause and source of the mind and life that is being expressed everywhere, whether this is known to the senses or unknown to them.

There is also another sense in which we think of God as Father. Jesus would not have chosen the word father to describe God had He wished simply to describe a cause or principle.

There is a relationship with God into which we can enter where He seems "closer . . . than breathing, and nearer than hands and feet." When we enter into this relationship, we become acutely aware of God as a living presence and we are lifted up by His love. In this consciousness we are able to say as Jesus did, "Father."

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