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Metaphysical meaning of woman (mbd)

Metaphysical meaning of woman (mbd)
woman, Greek, of Mark 7:25–30; also the woman with the alabaster cruse of ointment (Matt. 26 :7).

Meta. Besides the interpretation given under SYROPHOENICIAN (which see), the Greek woman of Tyre and Sidon may also be said to represent the unspiritualized love that is natural to the body. Her daughter is physical sensation, which has been sensualized by impure thought.

Whenever the illumined I AM (Jesus) centers its attention anywhere in the body there is at once a quickening of intelligence and a reaching out for higher things by the consciousness functioning there. Every part of the organism is under the control of a set of thoughts that direct and care for that particular function. The nerves are under the control of a thought that thinks about nerves; the muscles, bones, blood--every department of the man has its distinct thought center. So we are made up of many men and many women, because the masculine and feminine qualities are equally distributed and they all work together in harmony when divine order is established.

We use all these different parts of our being, but not understandingly. In our ignorance we dissipate the natural purity and strength of these obedient people who form our soul and our body; but when we become illumined by Spirit a reform sets in, and they all reflect the new light that has come to us, especially so when we concentrate our mind on the life centers, or "enter into a house" (Mark 7 :24).

There lingers in the mind that old idea, borrowed from the limited vision of the Jew, that Spirit does not include the body in its redemptive process, but the body cries out for cleansing and purification. "Even the dogs under the table eat of the children's crumbs." Good common sense should teach us that life is always present throughout nature, a stream proceeding from the highest to the lowest.

This understanding of the unity and purity of the one life brings healing to the demonized sense consciousness. "She . . . found the child laid upon the bed and the demon gone out."

The woman with the "alabaster cruse of exceeding precious ointment" (Matt. 26 :7) signifies the forgiving love of Spirit, and her ointment is the conserved nerve fluid that is stored up in the secret recesses of the body.

The disciples thought that this precious ointment should be sold and the proceeds given to the poor, because they were in the outer consciousness where there is a seeming lack of vitality at times, and not understanding the law of conservation, they thought that their "poor" needs should be supplied first.

Jesus was passing through the regeneration, and the sense consciousness of the flesh body was being crucified. The precious substance of love was consumed to the end that it might be brought forth as the vitalizing element of His resurrected body. This is what Jesus meant when He said that the ointment that the woman poured upon His body was preparation for His burial.

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