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Metaphysical meaning of Scriptures (rw)

Metaphysical meaning of Scriptures (rw)
Scriptures--Although the Holy Scriptures are almost universally considered to be the printed Bible only, the real Scriptures are the book of life within our own consciousness. The written word, however, is meant as a clue to a more vital part of the Scriptures than appears, since there is both a literal and a spiritual significance to them.

The Scriptures are not like other books. They have an enduring life, because of the spiritual quality given them by the writers. They are a profitable source of instruction in righteousness, as they set forth the principle, or law, of eternal life.

The Scriptures contain in symbol a most wonderful description of the creative action of Divine Mind, and one who studies the Bible merely as a historical record or as a guide to morals fails to sound the depths of these ancient writings.

Truth students recognize that Bible history is something more than history. For example, they see in the journey of the Israelites to the Promised Land, a picture of man's progress from sense consciousness to spiritual consciousness.

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