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Unity Magazine October 1918

Unity Magazine October 1918 Banner

Download the PDF   Download a PDF copy of the 1918 October issue of Unity Magazine

1918 October issue of Unity Magazine

In this issue:

  • The Cosmic Man—Charles Fillmore
  • Let This Mind Be in You Which Was in Christ Jesus—Freeda Woolley
  • The Day of the Harvest—Ida M. Mingle
  • Realization—Winogene S. Savage
  • Selection—Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • Prayer—Blanche Bloor
  • Bible Study
  • Sunday Lessons
  •    Uzziah, King of Judah, Humbled
  •    Manesseh’s Wickedness and Penitence
  •    Josiah’s Devotion to God
  •    The Finding of the Book of the Las
  •    The Kingdom Divided
  • Society of Silent Unity
  •    Class Thought and Prosperity Thought
  •    Thoughts for Daily Meditation
  •    Extracts from Letters
  •    What the Written Word Has Done
  •    Silent Unity Healing
  • Publishers’ Department