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Unity Magazine July 1900

A snapshot of our headquarters in 1900 July Unity Magazine

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Hi Friends -

This photo ought to be encouragement to any of you who are pioneering a ministry — here is what it looked like for Unity after ten years of operation. Developing a ministry takes time — it's an organic process, like farming — not like manufacturing. Be patient and know that Spirit is manifesting the vision that God has placed in your heart.

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1900 July issue of Unity Magazine

In this issue:

  • Poem — "Guard Thy Tongue" — Ellen Fracker Pratt
  • "Ye Must Be Born Again" — Leo Virgo
  • Unity Bible Lessons — Leo Virgo
  • Imagination and Disease
  • Society of Silent Unity
  • The Class Thought
  • Noon Thought
  • Healing and Help for All — Fanny M. Harley
  • Christ and Man — C. E. Prather
  • Thinking — J. E. Bennett
  • Poem — "Invitation" — Re-arranged by T.W. Gilruth
  • Publishers' Department
  • Teachers' and Healers' Directory