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Unity Magazine November 1918

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1918 November issue of Unity Magazine

In this issue:

  • Into the Silence (poem)—Grace Pearl Bronaugh
  • The Creative Law—Charles Fillmore
  • Conservation, Transmutation and Diet—Ida M. Mingle
  • Temperance—Dorothy Hatch
  • The Kingdom of the Mind—Ethelind Lord Campion
  • Spiriituality; or Prayer and Praise—Effie Unzicker
  • Thanksgiving—Charles Fillmore
  • Love is the Fulfilling of the Law—Dora Goldsmith
  • Bible Study
  • Questions and Answers
  • Sunday Lessons
  •    Jeroboam Makes Idols for Israel to Worship
  •       Omri and Ahab Lead Israel Into Greater Sin
  •    Elijah the Prophet Appears in Israel
  •    Elijah’s Flight an dReturn
  • Society of Silent Unity
  •    Class Thought and Prosperity Thought
  •    Thoughts for Daily Meditation
  •    Extracts from Letters
  •    The Healing Law Rediscovered
  • Publishers’ Department
  •    Relation of Ignorance and Contagion
  •    No Change in Price