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Unity Magazine October 1922

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Download a PDF copy of the 1922 October issue of Unity Magazine

In this issue:

  • Jesus Christ Is Alive and In Our Midst Today–Charles Fillmore
  • Whom Serve Ye?–Mary Parrish
  • John Wesley and Healing Prayer–Imelda Octavia Shalklin
  • Prayer—S.B. Quigley
  • Prayer The Language of the Soul—Mary S. Flint
  • The Necessity of Expressing God In a Perfect Body
  • The Home: Christ is the head of this house
  •    Harmony in the Mind Makes Harmony in the Home—Alice L. Ruth
  •    Obedience
  •    Growing Up
  •    Motherhood Department
  • Sunday Lessons
  •    Luke 3:7-17: The Ministry of John the Baptist—Spiritual Baptism
  •    Luke 4:1-13: Jesus Tempted—Disciplining the Soul's Desire
  •    Isaiah 61:1-9: World-wide Prohibition—The Saving Power of the Christ Within
  •    Luke 5:17-26: Jesus the Great Physician—The Healing Power of Forgiveness
  • Extracts from Letters
  • Publishers’ Department
  •    Unity Literature Reveals the Esoteric Side of Christianity
  •    A Heart-to-Heart Talk
  •    The Way to Prosperity
  •    The Silent Seventy