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Unity Magazine February 1915

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1915 February issue of Unity Magazine Cover

In this issue:

  • The Foundation and Object of the Unity Work—Charles Fillmore
  • Quantity in Spirit—Jeannie Bishop
  • Affirmations—W. K. Miller
  • Ninety-First Psalm (poem)—Old Bible
  • Spiritual Development
  • The Year Before Us (poem)—Frances R. Havergal
  • The Study
  •     Sowing the Seed
  •     To Sunday School Teachers
  •     "Think on These Things"
  •     Beginning the Work
  •     "Rejoiceth in the Truth"
  •     The Unity Correspondence School
  •     Answers to Questions
  •     Questions
  •     Bible Study
  •     Questions on Bible Study
  •     The Word
  • Himself (poem)—Selected
  • Sunday Lessons
  •     The Will to Do God's Will
  •     A Perception of Divine Love
  •     Unforseen Aid
  •     Patient Persistence in Truth
  • Society of Silent Unity
  •     Class Thought and Prosperity Thought
  •     We Serve
  •     A New Creature, Edna L. Carter
  •     Extracts from Letters
  •     Demonstration of the Law
  • Notes from the Field
  • Publisher's Department