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Monthly Magazine March 1975

March 1975 issue of Unity Magazine

Download a PDF copy March 1975 monthly magazine

Here is the March 1975 issue of Unity magazine.

  • A Message from Silent Unity — James Dillet Freeman
  • The Resurrected Bunny—Justine Ulp Murray
  • We Are the Light Bearers of the Universe—Catherine Ponder
  • Prayer Power
  • Putting It All Together—Glenn Clairmonte
  • Revelation: the Book of Unity (II)—J. Sig Paulson and Ric Dickerson
  • What Happens to Those Who Die?—Winifred Wilkinson and George Hausmann
  • Music Is His Language of Love—Douglas Crane
  • Experiences in Meditation (III)—Marjorie H. Russell
  • Witness of the Resurrection—Charles Fillmore
  • Monthly Thoughts
  • Questions on the Quest—Marcus Bach
  • Easter Is the Story of Your Life, Too—Harold A. Schulz
  • Christ Enthroned in Man (XII)—Cora Fillmore
  • The Important Difference—Lew H. Morse
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Mark—How to Love Your Neighbor by J. Sig Paulson—Hugh R. Horne