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Unity Magazine August 1924

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In this issue:

  • That Ideal of Yours, by Lenora Edwards
  • Voices Divine, by William S. Eldredge
  • Substance, by Anna M. Cross
  • "Paul Is Now Here," by Charles Fillmore1
  • Have Faith in God, by Theodosia DeWitt Schobert
  • The Great Physician's Guaranteed Prescription, by Authur P. Buck
  • The Real Nature of Things, Emerson
  • The Whole of Man, Edgar Elbridgson
  • Truth Applied To the Home, by Anna H. Ray
  • Service—The Height of Appreciation, by Blanche Sage Haseltine
  • Divine Love Makes Free, by Ida M. Palmer
  • Motherhood Department—Legitimacy, by Mary Edith Butler
  • HEALING THOUGHT: "I no longer accuse myself and others of sin and evil. Forgiving, I am forgiven and healed."
  • PROSPERITY THOUGHT: "I daily praise the invisible good that is bringing the ships of prosperity to my harbor."
  • Sunday Lessons
  • Silent Unity