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Monthly Magazine September 1975

September 1975 issue of Unity Magazine

Download a PDF copy September 1975 monthly magazine

Here is the September 1975 issue of Unity magazine.

  • A Message from Silent Unity — James Dillet Freeman
  • Spiritual Adventure—A New Way of Life—Leddy Schmelig
  • Science and Religion: An Attempt at a Synthesis—K.R.J. Saxon
  • H. Emilie Cady: Physician and Metaphysician (Part II)—Russell A. Kemp
  • It All Comes Back—Russell W. Lake
  • Oneness—Jim Rosemergy
  • God's Surprises—Ki Danielson
  • Go, Sell, Pay—Vera Dawson Tait
  • Revelation: the Book of Unity (VIII)—J. Sig Paulson and Ric Dickerson
  • The Joy of Living—Charles Fillmore
  • Monthly Thoughts
  • Attuned to the Source—Stevan-Adele Morleuy
  • Be Nice to Yourself—:Phillip L. Smedstad
  • Things to Be Remembered—Lowell Fillmore
  • Prayer Power
  • Words Are Only Guidelines—Charles Lelly
  • "Do Unto Others..."—Marvin W. Goodman
  • Led by God—Mary Vandermey
  • Be No Dismayed—William A. Clough
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Book Mark—Hugh R. Horne