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Unity Magazine July 1916

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Here is the July 1916 issue of Unity magazine, published 100 years ago. It has three excellent essays on the power of words:

  • Creative Words - a 14-page essay by Charles Fillmore
  • The Word is the Creative Power - a 5-page essay by Ida M. Mingle
  • Words - a 6-page essay by Ella Miller Cheshire

The discussion of words and their power continues with a whole section on the Unity Good Words Club. It begins with an article by Ella Wheeler Wilcox that explains what pledge is taken by those who are members and the four rules of membership. If you like her poetry, there is also True Speaking poem by Ella Wheeler Wilcox.

Sunday Bible Lessons are:

  • The First Recognition of Subconscious Faculties: John 1:35-51
  • Spiritual Authority Over Disease: Mark 1:21-34
  • Forgiveness—Health: Mark 2:1-12
  • The Christ Consciousness of Increase: Mark 2:13-22

Spiritual Marriage, a six-page essay about "the great secret laboratory, where the transmuting, transforming work of the Spirit in its initial steps is done, is the seed of man and women" may be interesting to some.

There are also many letters from subscribers, testifying to demonstrations of healing and prosperity, the two class thoughts which are also based on the power of the word, lots of advertisements for Unity publications and and 8-page index to Unity for January to June 1916.

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