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Unity Magazine December 1918

Class Thoughts from Unity Magazine December 1918 From Unity Magazine December 1918

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1918 December issue of Unity Magazine

In this issue:

  • The Birth of Christ in Individual and Universal Consciousness—Ida M. Mingle
  • God-Man—Charles Fillmore
  • The Law of Affirmation—Henry Proctor
  • Non-Resistance—George Crouch
  • Freedom—Ethelind Lord Campion
  • From A Reporter’s Note Book
  • Bible Studies
  • Twenty Inspiriting Points From “Lessons in Truth”
  • Bible Study
  • Sunday Lessons
  •    Elijah Encouraged
  •    Elijah Meets Ahab in Naboth’s Vineyard
  •    Elijah Goes up by a Whirlwind to Heaven
  •    Elisha the Prophet Restores a Child to Life
  •    Elisha’s Heavenly Defenders
  • Society of Silent Unity
  •    Class Thought and Prosperity Thought
  •    Extracts from Letters
  • Publishers’ Department
  •    Prophecy Fulfilled