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Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 16

Series 2 - Lesson 9 - Annotation 16

What is the cause of "bad dreams"?

16. The cause of "bad dreams" could be said to be confusion and a sense of insecurity in the consciousness.

Apparently "dreams" have played a vital part in the spiritual unfoldment of many persons. If the key to them is understood, and the message they convey is obeyed, then dreams become part of a person's soul development. Charles Fillmore makes this statement in Mysteries of Genesis 139:

"The teacher is the Holy Spirit, and all get their lessons in their own way, some through inspiration, some through dreams, some through visions, some through flashes of understanding. Spirit uses the avenue most accessible and open to the student."

When the conscious phase of one's mind is inactive, as during sleep, the subconscious phase (always at work with the pictures or images man has stored therein) finds opportunity to slip into the "projector" the images or mental pictures previously turned over to it by the conscious phase and flash them upon the mind's screen. If the picture is of inharmony or imperfection, and not properly interpreted, the person may be so startled that he cannot get the meaning and, thus, he experiences what he terms "bad" dreams or nightmares during sleep.

Through studying the subconscious phase of mind one can more clearly see how dreams reveal the state of mind of the dreamer. Whatever is imaged in consciousness sooner or later comes to the surface, expressing all the characteristics of the image. When the conscious phase of mind is inactive, the subconscious phase reflects or brings to the surface those images. Since dreams are caused by mental pictures coming to the surface, it behooves man to feed the "soil" of the subconscious with Truth ideas, thoughts, and feelings. Only then can true pictures be formed by the faculty of imagination and become established mental patterns in the subconscious.

We now see how important it is that the subconscious be cleansed, so that the ineffective and undesirable pictures may be done away with. Only then will good be available for projection. The imagination will begin to form happier, better pictures for filing in memory's storehouse — the subconscious phase of mind. Thus, there will be no more experience of "bad dreams."

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