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Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 14

Series 2 - Lesson 4 - Annotation 14

What line of thinking will overcome the belief in materiality?

14. Materiality has reference to corporeal existence in contradistinction to the spiritual; this does not mean that which is wrong, but rather that which is formed, visible, or cognizant to any of the five senses. It is when we accept the belief that only the material is real that we need to "overcome the belief in materiality."

Many persons believe that the biological, fleshly body of man is the man. They believe that each corporeal or flesh body has a separate mind of its own, due to the action of the five physical senses in bringing information to the brain, where it is stored up for use. This belief is due to the teaching of primitive fleshly ancestors who had no higher knowing. Those who have such beliefs give their attention and interest largely to gratifying the appetites, passions, desires, and comforts that the fleshly body demands; therefore they are ruled by unenlightened sensation.

Mind and brain are not synonymous. God as the Life Principle activates all corporeal forms. Manifest man as a self-conscious entity has as the center of his being the life, intelligence, and substance of Spirit, which are his to use. Thinking is the process by which the ideas inherent in Mind substance are made active and released into daily living. All true thinking is for the purpose of knowing Truth in order that we may interpret life correctly. We then come to experience the eternal good which the one creative Mind or Spirit planned or willed for the entire universe, man included.

A materialistic conception of life can never truly interpret it. To realize the Truth is to be in harmony with the one creative Mind. If we would live a wholesome, happy life, the work that confronts us is to correct the misconceptions held in the subconscious. Through spiritual discernment we are able to perceive, receive, and conceive our true being or nature. It is only through spiritual insight and spiritual thinking that we can see ourself and the universe as God expressing Himself, and thus overcome the belief in materiality as being the real.

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