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Series 2 - Lesson 12 - Annotation 8

Series 2 - Lesson 12 - Annotation 8

Explain how peace will be fully established upon the earth. Give at least two Bible prophecies (with references) of universal peace.

8. Peace will be fully established upon the earth when each individual becomes fully conscious of the idea of peace that is already inherent within him as God's gift to him which is his divine inheritance and birthright, and expresses peace in his thoughts, feelings, words, actions, and reactions. The individual becomes conscious of peace as he cultures his soul through prayer and meditation, and by yielding himself to the love and wisdom of the indwelling Christ. Man attains a consciousness of peace when he is willing to practice the Golden Rule and does so by acting Christ-like in his relationships with all others. "Love thy neighbor as thyself." — Matt. 19:19, Matt. 22:29, and Mark 12:31.

As the individual becomes conscious of peace within himself he becomes a radiating center of peace in his own personal world. A peaceful person is a harmonizer, an influence for peace throughout the whole wide world. We see then, that peace is an individual matter. Individual prayers for world leaders help to quicken a consciousness of peace within them, giving them new understanding, and inspiring them to right action for the good of all mankind. We can see also the importance of the individual in the manifestation of world peace as he makes his contribution in helping to establish the kingdom of peace on earth by being peaceful in his own environment and surroundings. True peace manifesting in the minds and hearts of men will show forth the fulfillment of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. "Almighty Father, let there be love and peace on earth and let them begin in my heart."

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