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Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 7

Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 7

Explain omnipotence

7. The true meaning of the word omnipotence is all-power. It is also a name for God as the only Power in the universe. Omnipotence is the creative action of the Holy (whole) Trinity. It is also the power back of the creative Word, the authority and rulershlp of the absolute, dynamic principle of Being (God). As the power back of the Holy Spirit, it is the divine breath moving upon the face of the waters at creation, the same creative breath that made man "a living soul." Omnipotence is the dominion and authority idea, the active phase, the Father aspect of Spirit.

Omnipotence is also the will of God expressed in man through definite, purposeful ideas; it is the creative life within these ideas. It is the urge of the indwelling Christ seeking always to manifest its likeness. Man may at will draw upon this power in direct ratio to his faith in it. Man is often awed by the majesty of God as omnipotence and thinks that in comparison his own powers are exceedingly limited. It is man himself who limits the power of God in him. There is an inexhaustible and equal distribution of power throughout the universe, and man may have whatever degree of it his consciousness is ready to appropriate.

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