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Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 6

Series 2 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 6

Explain omnipresence

6. Omnipresence, like omniscience, applies to God as the universal Spirit of Good. It means all or everywhere present, and in its completeness includes both omniscience and omnipotence.

Omnipresence designates the infinite, eternal, immutable, all-pervading substance that is the source, cause, and sustenance of all being in its absolute wholeness (holiness). Omnipresence is the substance idea, the "body of God" (i.e., the embodiment of all good). Omnipresence is the passive phase, the Mother aspect of Spirit. It embraces all being in the Absolute and holds within it all intelligence, life, purity, power, love, and joy. It is stronger than any need, greater than any circumstance, more powerful than any personality. In it are order and judgment and all things in their right relation.

Omnipresence includes the activity of the Holy Spirit (third phase of the Godhead or Holy Trinity) ever seeking to have the righteousness of God-consciousness move through man as the expresser of divine ideas. It is the all-pervading Good in which "we live and move and have our being" (Acts 17:28). In this all-satisfying Presence there can be no loneliness, no lack, no suffering, no separation.

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