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Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 1

Series 1 - Lesson 3 - Annotation 1

What is prosperity? Explain fully.

1. Prosperity is a rich state of mind. It is the enrichment man gains both inwardly and outwardly through the right use of divine ideas.

Man has accumulated much goods, money, and lands, the acquisition of which has often brought only responsibility, worry, sorrow, and unrest. The growing consciousness of divine ideas brings joy, satisfaction, and peace. True prosperity comes to the individual through an understanding that within and around him is the one creative Mind substance, Spirit, the presence of God, containing ideas which are like seeds waiting to be planted in the soil of the human consciousness. These seed-ideas produce the forms that fulfill all man's needs. If man is to become prosperous he must first become rich in his consciousness through right thought activity. This is done by releasing divine ideas into the consciousness just as seeds are released or planted in the soil.

Man is the "image of God" and his mission on earth is to express and manifest God. To do this he must identify himself with God, with the Mind essence or substance that is God, and release the wealth of ideas that make up the God-nature. Manifest man is prosperous when he has peace of mind, an understanding heart, and joy and satisfaction in handling his affairs. He achieves these attitudes through knowing the one Creative Mind as his unfailing supply and support.

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