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Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 7

Series 1 - Lesson 1 - Annotation 7

How may one bring his thoughts under his conscious control?

7. The highest way for one to bring his thoughts under his conscious control is by constantly aspiring toward the divine standard and daily practicing the presence of God. This may involve much denial of error (as being reality) and affirmation of the Truth, in order to train the mind to stand firm on the divine standard for right thinking and feeling.

It is possible for a person to consciously control his thoughts by fixing his attention on an object or on an idea, and by willfully opposing all diversions. However, resisting the forces that may distract attention takes energy and wears a person down, diminishing his power to produce according to the idea he is holding in mind.

Desire is a great factor in making thought productive; the more intense the desire, the greater is the onward impulse of the thought and the greater is the power to produce desirable results. However, the desire must be one-pointed in order that Mind substance may assemble around the single idea to support it and give it body. When a single God idea fills the consciousness, there is no room for other thoughts to enter; one's entire interest and attention is given to it and no energy is expended in resisting other thoughts. For this reason, we take some statement of Truth into our mind, dwell on it until its inner meaning becomes a realization. Then the idea is free to do its work in and through us.

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