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Women's Artistry—I, a Woman, Co-create with God

Banner for The Home in 1925 January issue of Unity Magazine

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In the early years, Unity magazine really had two editors. Each edition opened with several philosophical essays, typically by Charles Fillmore. But they were followed by what were then called “The Home” and the “Motherhood Department.” Nearly every article in these sections has signs of the guiding light of Myrtle Fillmore.

The Fillmores knew their audience. And they knew how to influence them for bringing peace and harmony into the world. Many of these articles are sexist by today’s standards but some of them are striking in the eternal truth they reveal. Here is one such poem from Unity Magazine January 1925.

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Mother's Day, May 10, 2019

WOMAN’S ARTISTRY—Rae McFarland Bicknell

Poem by Rae McFarland Bicknell entitled Womens Artistry in 1925 January issue of Unity Magazine

I cannot paint a picture, but I can mold a life—
   The little life that lies beneath my heart—
To be a thing of beauty rare that I may view with pride,
   My contribution to the world of art.

I cannot sing a sonnet, but I can tune a soul
   To harmonize in God’s eternal theme.
My child shall be a living song of ecstasy and praise,
   A glorious fulfillment of my dream.

I cannot build a temple of wood, or brick, or stone,
   An edifice to rise aboye the clod;
But I can lay foundations for a temple grander far,
   For I, a woman, co-create with God.